1. Top Albums of 2014

    It's rare that I can't pull together a full list of 10 or more albums that I love in a year, but I didn't quite get there in 2014, so here are almost 10 of my favorite releases from last year:

    And, though they weren't released this year, I discovered a couple other awesome albums that kept me distracted from creating a full list of 10 last year:

  2. Top Ten Albums of 2013

    Yea, I know. We're almost halfway through 2014 and I'm posting this now. Top ten album lists are basically the only reason I have a blog, and I'm actually glad I delayed because there are a few albums that are on this list that wouldn't be here had I posted this in January. Without further ado, here are my favorite albums from 2013:

  3. Top Ten Albums of 2012

    2012 was the greatest year of music for me in years! Here's my top 10 for the year:

    I had trouble whittling down to 10, so here are a few honorable mentions:

  4. Hello, World

    Hello, my name is Chris Forrette, and I'm a web developer from Portland, Oregon. I've been working on the web for years now and, for the majority of that time, this website has remained stagnant, and I think it has been that way for one reason alone: polish. No, not a polish dog, I mean polish: perfection, glitz, luster, shine, finish. I've launched a new website today with the intention of leaving it behind. I started as a designer, so it makes me cringe not to have this site as thought out as it could be, but I've got nothing to prove here. This is my digital home, it can be as messy as I want it to be. If you want to see my A game, you can look for me on the field—this is the sidelines, the parking lot. This is a pile of 2 X 4s that I picked up from a hardware store that will eventually be a desk, or maybe a shelving unit. I want to write about my craft more. I want to see if I can stir up discussion amongst my peers about it. I want to experiment more and put it here. And I want you to tell me how it could be better. I've started very basic here. I built what you see now in a matter of hours, picked out a color scheme, wrote this post, and launched it. Next time you visit, it hopefully won't look the same. It might look better, it might look worse, it might have some new posts, it might not, but I'll be thinking about it, and I'll be having more fun with it.